Handmade Christmas Cards To-Do List - Get an early start on making your Christmas cards by having a plan in place so you can get them done and enjoy the holidays!

Your freebie is on the way!

Here’s what to do now…

Step 1: Check your email and find the one from mackenzie@mackenziemakes.com with “Yay! Your freebie is here!” in the subject line.

Step 2: Open the email and click the download link.

Step 3: Use the Handmade Christmas Cards To-Do List as you prepare to make your cards!

Happy making!


If you don’t see the email from me within a few minutes, please check your promotions/junk folder.  Email me directly at mackenzie@mackenziemakes.com with any questions.

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These templates are designed to walk you through how to make various styles of cards.  Pick your favorite design, or use a few designs for more variety in your cards!